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Building resilience in teams


Duration: 1 day

Location:  Bespoke workshop delivered in-house for corporate, profit and non-profit organisations

Costs:     Depending on group size, location etc.



Who is this workshop aimed at:

For individuals working in professional settings


What can we do for your team?

Drawing upon evidence based research, in a custom-made workshop for your team we can look at Schema thinking to maximise team cohesion.  We aim to identify unhelpful inter-relational patterns which can occur in teams to consider how these can play out and affect individual and team performances. Through theory and experiential exercises, team members will gain insight into their own interpersonal ways of relating in a safe environment. We will place focus on the needs of the individual team members and the team as a whole and work towards building a healthy collective team dynamic. 


If you want to improve team functioning, wellbeing and performance, schema thinking has been evidenced to help you achieve this. 


From a Schema Therapy perspective, it is normal to have longstanding patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours- and each of us can adopt an unhelpful coping mode from time to time when faced with challenging situations like deadlines at work or a confrontation with a colleague or client. In these situations, some people might have unrelenting standards of pushing themselves to produce a perfect piece of work; alternatively, others might struggle to assert themselves in a healthy way. Another common unhelpful way of coping with stress is to drink excessively to put off thinking about work demands.


These are all examples of a coping with stress by using unhealthy strategies opposed to being able to face our underlying anxiety to give ourselves compassion and strength. We aim to provide strategies to promote emotional resilience and wellbeing and for all participants to go away from the training feeling that they have developed confidence in skills to create meaningful change in their working environment.

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