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Developing resilience and self - compassion in the workplace


Course date: 8th March 2019

Duration :     I day

Location:     Central London and in in-house locations in the UK and abroad.

Cost:           £140, Early bird rate £120 until December 2018

This is a workshop directed at a wide range of practitioners working in the field of mental health, including psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, GPs and psychiatrists


The workshop draws upon the  evidence based practice to explore how, as mental health practitioners, we can learn to buffer ourselves against the pressure of caring for others.  At times we can feel exhausted and unsupported in the workplace which creates pressure in delivering the high level of empathy required for emotionally fragile clients.

This workshop provides an opportunity for therapists to explore their own schemas to improve work satisfaction.  The workshop is based on evidence which indicates that practitioners with greater awareness of their schemas and modes can learn skills to attend to their own needs and increase personal and professional wellbeing.  This includes increasing self -compassion by understanding schemas and modes in our work with clients and colleagues.  The workshop will also address being able to access healthy modes to deal with unhelpful schemas which might interfere with therapy alliances.  

The workshop will draw on the evidence base to enable you to develop resilience via the following: 

  • Exploring early life experiences to consider where your schemas and modes go back to

  • Formulating your coping modes 

  • Understanding your triggers for schemas and modes with specific clients

  • Strategies to build self-compassion and re-parent your self 

  • Experiential exercises to address schemas and modes including imagery, role play and mindful awareness.