Schema Therapy to tackle chronic depression

Course date: TO BE DETERMINED for 2021

Duration :     2.5 hours 

Location:     Live online 

Cost:           £50

This is a workshop directed at a wide range of practitioners working in the field of mental health, including psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, GPs and psychiatrists.

This workshop is designed for practitioners with an interest in deepening an understanding of how the therapy relationship can be used to heal the maladaptive coping modes which can drive chronic depression.  In addition, this workshop will be providing skills to apply limited reparenting in imagery re-scripting to soothe and validate the client’s vulnerability, which is evidenced to bring about therapeutic change (Arntz,2016).  The workshop will also include demonstrations and role plays by presenters in the use of live limited reparenting to work with depression. In addition, this workshop will have a strong experiential focus.

The therapeutic relationship is paramount in being able to give the client an experience of a warm nurturing relationship particularly when chronic depression is related to attachment issues.  We explore the use of a powerful therapeutic tool unique to the Schema Therapy model ‘Limited Reparenting’ developed by Jeffrey Young.

The workshop will draw on the evidence base to enable you to develop Schema Therapy skills in working with chronic depression via the following: ​

  • Formulating schema and  coping modes which can drive chronic depression

  • Learning limited reparenting skills to treat depression

  • Experiential exercises to demonstrate limited-reparenting including imagery and role play

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